Sunday, May 29, 2011

That's What Faith Can Do

     God has been showing me some amazing things regarding faith. The Bible says that faith is the things hoped for and the evidence unseen. My personal journey has taken me on many roads in which my faith has been tested and tried. In the midst of trials and suffering is where God says Let me handle this. He gives us the strength to endure and the wisdom and hope in Him that we will get to the other side.
     It is tempting to put God on the backburner or to blame Him for the trial or get angry at Him but if we abide in Him, He will abide in us and equip us with everything we need for that particular season in our life. I use to pray for God to keep me out of trials but I have found, as it says in James 1, that if we count it all joy when we encounter trials for it will produce patience.
Notice it does not say "if" but "when". We all at some point in our life will encounter a trial that may seem it is too big for God or that we will never get through it, but if you just stand firm and run to God and look for His wisdom, you will find yourself stronger and better in the Lord than you were before.

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